Photo by Zac Durant



Blog It might be strange to have a picture of a steam train with a blog post about silence. Especially when you also think about the noises that steam trains produce. The hissing, and the wistling. But this steam train was next to the place where I attended a silent retreat this weekend. Read More ›


Dealing with other people's emotions

Blog So far we have talked about being present for our own emotions. And how to deal with them. But what if you are listening to someone, or being in the neighborhood of someone who is experiencing intense emotions, maybe even directing them at you? In my experience this is even more difficult. Read More ›


Loving yourself the way you are

Blog We have been taught to love other people. And there is definitely nothing wrong with that. But how about loving ourselves as well? Can we even love others in a healthy way when we don't love ourselves? Read More ›


Mindfulness with kids

Blog Mindfulness is not just for adults. Kids benefit from mindfulness exercises and meditations as well. It may even come much easier to them than to us. Read More ›


Being present for our emotions

Blog What is our relationship with our emotions? Emotions can be beautiful and enjoyable when they are positive. But the negative ones can make us feel very vulnerable. Most of us push them away and hide them in a dark corner of our mind. Can we escape them forever? And if not, how do we deal with them? Read More ›