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social change

A dream for the future

Blog A holistic approach to software development Read More ›


A leap of faith

Blog The blog post I’m about to write requires quite some courage from me, and this might well have been the reason I haven’t blogged at all the past few months. I'm about to show a side of me that has been shining through all along, but that I haven't been that explicit about before. It feels vulnerable. Read More ›


Privilege and nonviolence

Blog I have been struggling a lot with the issues of privilege, power, justice and diversity and how to address these topics in a way that doesn't do more harm than good. A friend of mine recently introduced me to nonviolent communication and to the work of Miki Kashtan. Suddenly I began to see new opportunities for change. I regained some hope and confidence that we can bridge the gap between groups and individuals if we really want to. Read More ›


It’s all a matter of interpretation. Or how to surf the waves of life

Blog Life goes with ups and downs. We all know that and experience that. And while the ups are very enjoyable, don't underestimate the value of the downs. Read More ›


Are you giving away your power?

Blog Have you ever thought about your own personal power? Are you giving it away perhaps, to your loved ones, your guru, or the government? Or maybe you are unknowingly taking it from others? Or are you empowering them? Read More ›