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Events, projections and the human mind

Blog At the time of this writing I am at the Domain Driven Design Europe conference. Modeling, event-sourcing, complexity and refactoring are terms you here a lot here. At the same time at work we were having an issue with a projection in our own event-sourced system. A projection that is trying to represent a certain view on our domain by processing streams of events using event handlers. All of a sudden I saw an interesting analogy with the human mind, and how we perceive the world. Read More ›


Balancing our masculine and feminine sides

Blog As human beings, regardless of our gender, we all carry masculine as well as feminine energy within us. Are we comfortable with both sides or do we reject part of ourselves? Is one side over-developed and the other side under-developed? Let's look at how we can balance ourselves. Read More ›


What motivates us?

Blog What motivates us? Are we motivated by what we want to avoid, in other words, by fear or by anger? Or are we motivated by what we want to create. By joy? Which kind of motivation yields the best results? Read More ›


Bye to the old, hi to the new

Blog How can we live in the here and the now when we are preoccupied with regrets about the past, or fears of the future? It often requires a shift in our thinking. Read More ›


Shifting focus

Blog Do you know those radios where you have to turn a wheel to tune in to a radio station? When you turn the wheel of your radio, then you receive certain frequencies. Sometimes the reception is good when you have tuned in to the exact frequency. Sometimes reception is a bit distorted. Read More ›