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Who the f*ck has written this terrible code?

Blog Haven't you thought this from time to time? I must admit that I have. But what does it mean when we react like that? Read More ›


What does stress feel like actually?

Blog We know when we are stressed, right? We have all said many times: 'Oh I'm so stressed'. But what does stress feel like in your body? Or in your mind? How do you actually know you are stressed? Read More ›


Where to start if you want to become more mindful?

Blog Although meditation is not required to be mindful, it is a good tool to practice our awareness of the present moment. When we dedicate a fixed amount of time at a regular interval to our practice, our mind will be more willing to go along. After all, when the meditation is over, it can go back to doing what it wants: thinking and analysing. However, especially for inexperienced practitioners, it can be hard to practice on your own. Therefore it will be really helpful to find a group of people to practice together. Read More ›


What is mindfulness

Blog There are many definitions of mindfulness, but in essence they all boil down to being aware of what is happening in the present moment. Being aware of what is happening in our internal world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodily sensations. And also being aware of what is happening in the outside world. What we see, hear and notice in the here and now. Read More ›


Mindfulness and dealing with stress

Blog I've been practising mindfulness for several years now and it has had many positive effects in my life. I'm much better able to deal with negative emotions like stress and fear, and I experience a lot more joy, ease and appreciation in my life. As I like to share what I learn, I want to give real life examples of how mindfulness benefits me so that maybe it can benefit others as well. Read More ›