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Debug your mind

Blog I was pondering about the why of this blog. What do I want to bring about? What is it exactly that makes me so enthusiastic about mindfulness and that I want to share? For me, mindfulness is, among other things, about debugging the mind. The mind is like a computer, that runs many programs. Many of those programs are running in the background. The user of the computer (me!) is not aware of them. But they do influence the everyday experience. Read More ›


Letting go

Blog Do you know what is a real challenge for me? Knowing when to pause or stop. I can be very focused and persistent when solving a problem, and I find it uncomfortable to stop before I reach a solution. Read More ›


Mindful walking

Blog Do you know when it is easy to be mindful? When you are walking in the mountains. Not only will you be fully enjoying the beautiful views, but also, you will have to be mindful of your steps in order not to injure yourself. But you don't have to be in the mountains to practice mindful walking. Read More ›


What do we choose?

Blog We are hard wired to take care of our survival. And so our mind looks out for danger. Which is good is some cases. You wouldn’t want to fall off a cliff, would you? Or get hit by a car. However, most of the time that automatic awareness of negative things is not serving us. We are staying trapped in worries and fears, and miss out on all the good things. These good things are also in our lives, but we either take them for granted, or completely overlook them. Read More ›


Antivirus software for our mind

Blog In IT, when we don’t pay attention to security, we open the door for others to rule our world. They may for instance install a virus on our computer. I like the analogy of computer viruses because it is similar to what happens in our mind when we are not mindful. Read More ›