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What impact will we have on the world as software developers?

Blog Mindfulness is more than a practice to deal with negative emotions and stress. When we pay attention to what is present in the here and the now, we become aware of how we are connected with everything there is. And how our actions contribute to the state of the world we live in. Read More ›


Mindfully trying to find my way in the issue of diversity in tech

Blog Diversity in tech is a topic that can lead to heated discussions. Discussions that sometimes lead to separation rather than connection. How can we look deeply at and talk about what is going on, while staying connected to each other? Read More ›


Being mindful of our energy level

Blog Our body talks to us, but do we listen? Mindfulness can help us find out what our body needs, and what beliefs are preventing us from taking care of ourselves. Read More ›


The importance of practicing

Blog Are you tempted to think 'I don't need to practice right now. I feel fine. I will practice when I feel stressed'? Practicing during good times however, will make sure your mindfulness is strong enough to cope with bad times. Read More ›


Mindful listening during meetings

Blog When you communicate with others, do you feel that you get their full attention? Are you fully present when listening to others? What distracts us from true listening? Read More ›