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The importance of practicing

Blog Are you tempted to think 'I don't need to practice right now. I feel fine. I will practice when I feel stressed'? Practicing during good times however, will make sure your mindfulness is strong enough to cope with bad times. Read More ›


Mindful listening during meetings

Blog When you communicate with others, do you feel that you get their full attention? Are you fully present when listening to others? What distracts us from true listening? Read More ›


(Code)writer's block

Blog Do you know the feeling of wanting to write code, or write a blog post, and then to be stuck? Your mind goes blank and all creativity is gone? Let's explore how mindfulness could be of help in such a situation. Read More ›


WeCamp 2017 morning meditations

Blog Morning meditations on an island, in a tipi-tent, together with other developers. Sounds good, doesn't it? That was exactly what happened on WeCamp last week. Read More ›


Debug your mind

Blog I was pondering about the why of this blog. What do I want to bring about? What is it exactly that makes me so enthusiastic about mindfulness and that I want to share? For me, mindfulness is, among other things, about debugging the mind. The mind is like a computer, that runs many programs. Many of those programs are running in the background. The user of the computer (me!) is not aware of them. But they do influence the everyday experience. Read More ›